5 Makeup Tricks That Will Take Years Off Your Face

The quest for eternal youth will never fade. Back in the day, it was bathing in milk and honey (shout-out to our homegirl Cleopatra); these days, it’s Botox, fillers, face-lifts, or just a really kick-arse retinol cream. Whatever the method, the end goal has stayed the same—to hold off gravity and our natural ageing process just a little while longer. But here’s a little tip—your skincare routine isn’t the only thing that can help you achieve that. You also happen to possess something else Cleopatra didn’t, a secret weapon that can take years off your face in under five minutes: makeup. Lest we forget, the contents of your makeup bag have anti-ageing powers, too. Ahead, you’ll find five little-known makeup tricks we’ve picked up through the years from the industry’s top pros. These go beyond the standard “pick cream over powder” advice, and we guarantee they’ll help step up your makeup game—and help you look as young as you feel. Keep scrolling to see them all!