Women Who Look Young for Their Age Tend to Wear This Makeup

Annoyingly smug sentence klaxon: I'm in my early 30s, but I regularly get asked if I'm in my mid-20s. Admittedly, this can be frustrating in a professional setting, but most of the time I'm incredibly flattered. I'm not the only one who experiences this. When I casually asked the Byrdie office if they ever get ID'd, one editor said it was so bad that on a recent night out in Cardiff she was refused entry to three bars because she'd forgotten her driver's license. Another said how just this week a teenager asked her if she was studying at college or university. She's 32. Clearly, we're all giving Benjamin Button a run for his money.

So what's the secret? We don't all belong to some kind of eternal youth cult, drinking from a potion proffered by Isabella Rossellini as in Death Becomes Her (although, hello, that would be amazing). In fact, it all comes down to our use of beauty products. I spoke to a variety of colleagues in the beauty industry, as well as professional makeup artists, who told me their secrets to looking more youthful. Helpfully, they gave me very similar answers, which means looking younger is actually pretty simple. Keep scrolling for the best tips on how to look young with makeup, plus other age-defying tricks from beauty professionals…

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