7 Expert-Approved Tips To Look Tanned, Fast

Before a special occasion (weddings spring to mind), there's a lot of prep to be done: finding an outfit, deciding on your hairstyle and perfecting your makeup and nails. But, what's that, you've forgotten to apply your self-tan the night before and now you look like Casper's paler cousin? 

This is a situation we've all too often found ourselves in. And while we're all for that gorgeous porcelain tone, if you're not blessed with an alabaster complexion, then a tan is an easy way to make your skin look glowing and flawless. 

So what's the quick fix? Celebrity tanning expert for St. Tropez, Jules Heptonstall, has a fast, fail-free way to tan in five minutes.

"This is called patchwork tanning. It's essentially tanning just the bits that are on show and drawing the most attention to where you want people to look. This isn't about looking super toned, it's about walking into a room and people looking at you and thinking your skin looks amazing."

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