How to Look 10 Pounds Lighter in Photos in 3 Seconds Flat

How often do you see a photo of yourself, and instead of thinking What a fun night that was or I love how my hair looked, you just think yuk? Even the most confident people don't relish having to pose for a photo, especially when the person taking the picture is only armed with a smartphone camera and doesn't know your favourite angles.

But, feeling intimidated by the camera can only make the images worse. Dave Benett knows a thing or two about taking a good shot—the photographer has been capturing the red carpet and party scene since the '70s and has a portfolio bursting with A-list names.

According to Dave, there's a surprising psychological reason we don't like photos of ourselves. "It's simply because we're used to seeing ourselves as a mirror image. So suddenly, in a photo you look different to how you expected. Psychologically it’s quite jarring. But you can educate yourself out of it."

Dave's main tip for looking great in photos is to relax and feel comfortable, which will come through in the final result. But if you want to take a really flattering photo? "I always say don’t pose flat on to the camera, particularly if you haven’t got an hourglass figure, the trick is to give a bit of an angle."

Our favourite celebrities tend to look amazing on the red carpet—it's their job after all. But with Dave's trick in mind, we realised that many of them angle their body ever so slightly which creates a slimmer silhouette and looks more relaxed too.

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