How To Look Good On FaceTime--It's Not a Lost Cause

We've all been there. Makeup applied, (relatively) confident in our appearance—when a FaceTime request comes through, shattering everything. Suddenly, we're looking at angles we didn't know existed and wondering if we should step foot in public ever again. Sound familiar? 

Seriously though, unless you're a supermodel, FaceTime can feel more like looking into a fishbowl or funhouse mirror than at your real-life reflection. Blemishes appear more pronounced, features seem distorted; in other words: no fun for anyone. 

But don't fret! We caught up with Maria Vargas, on-set makeup artist for E! News, who regularly preps Catt Sadler and Ali Fedotowsky for their screen time. She gave us the scoop on everything from concealer tricks to colours to avoid—so let’s just say this HD-expert knows a thing or two about looking good on camera.  


Click through for your guide to achieving a flawless FaceTime face—then go chat someone you love!