Female Chefs Told Me How They Sort Out Oily Skin



Oily skin is no fun. In the summer, particularly, we all find it a nightmare. There are few of us who manage to escape the shiny forehead situation come the warmer months. Now, unless you're going for the extra-dewy look (which in that case, go you), it can be a daily, nay, hourly struggle to battle the shiny skin situation. There are a few solutions, of course, when it comes to products, but we thought we'd speak to women who are in a hot environment all the time to see how they cope. 

Chefs work in hot environments for a living, so we decided to call upon a couple of female chefs to give us the lowdown on how they deal with shiny skin and what they do to control it. I spoke to pastry chef and founder of Bakes Box, Amanda Perry, and Elizabeth Haigh, chef patron of Shibui. Both revealed that it is exceptionally hard to keep skin from being oily in such a hot environment. 

"It's really hard to avoid oily skin working in kitchens, although less so in a bakery," says Amanda, "but a kitchen is really hard. Heat plus grease plus long hours, and a relatively unhealthy lifestyle (generally) equals bad skin." However, both gave me a few tips on what they do to help.

Keep scrolling for their advice on how to control oily skin.