This Is the Secret to Getting the Most Out of Your Morning Shower


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If we had the time, we'd probably have a bath every single day. Nothing quite beats sinking into a tub of hot water surrounded by flickering candles, doused in the most aromatic, skin-nourishing oils. We love baths so much that we've even uncovered the science of running one. But alas, it can be hard enough to find slots of time peppered throughout our schedules to catch up on Luther, read that book we still haven't got around to or even see our friends, which means bath time is basically off the cards. So what we're left with is the shower. We're fully aware that it's the more practical of the two, that it can't conjure up the same dreamy vibes, and it certainly can't massage the mind back to a sense of calm quite like a soak manages to. Or can it?

Keep scrolling to discover the expert tips and the rather special products that will make even the most rushed shower (nearly) as relaxing as a bath.

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