The Braid Just Got a Cool-Girl Revamp, and We're Hooked

Hair knotting is the new braiding. You heard it here first. While a braid is still one of our go-to hairstyles, if you want something a bit cooler, and something that's a conversation starter (people will ask you how you did it), then hair knotting is for you.

Essentially, it's exactly how it sounds: You knot the hair to create a woven effect. And just as with braids, there are plenty of different effects you can create. Use larger sections for a chunkier look or smaller pieces for a more intricate chain of knots. You can keep it simple and knot two pieces of hair or, as with a French plait, pull sections of hair into the knots as you go. The options are endless, and what better time than a bank holiday weekend to have a play with your hair? 

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