The #1 Trick Hairstylists Use to Turn Your Hair the Most Natural-Looking Blonde

There's big news in the world of hair today as Kylie Jenner, owner of some seriously dark locks, has gone blonde. Now, we know what you're thinking but she really has done it this time, and no, it's not a wig. If you don't believe us simply head over to her Snapchat to see what we're talking about. 

While the Kardashian/Jenner clan have form when it comes to changing up their hair colour and styles on the regular, the rest of us mere mortals need a bit more encouragement to take the plunge, especially when it comes to dying our hair a new colour, and especially when it's going lighter. 

There are, however, tricks to going blonde that a) make it much less scary and b) means it will actually look natural instead of looking like you've just dumped a load of peroxide on your head. To help us decipher this holy hair grail, we spoke to colour expert and A-list hairdresser George Northwood on the one trick he uses to get the most natural-looking blonde on anyone. 

"Essentially, you want to go with what you've already got," says Northwood. "You only want to lift your hair three or four shades. If you're fair you can go bright blonde. But in everyone’s normal, everyday life, you don't have time for massive upkeep, so only exaggerate what you've already got."

Keep scrolling to find out what shade of blonde you should try, according to your natural hair colour, and which products you should use to protect coloured hair. 

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