You Can't Make Your Hair Thicker—but You Can Totally Fake It

There are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and the fact that you can’t make your hair thicker. Trust me—it’s just not physically possible to double the diameter of your strands. But while it’s true that no shampoo can miraculously alter your genetic makeup, there is some reprieve in the form of products and tricks that will cheat the effects of full hair.

We know this because we’ve tried everything (from root-crimping hair tools to thickening potions) and found that only the products that promise to fake it will give the results we want. These results are getting better; in 2017, we know more about fine hair than ever, from how to style it to which clever formulas can temporarily plump strands up.

So let us pass on what we’ve learnt. Whether you try one or all of these new volumising techniques, you’re bound to see a noticeable boost in the body of your hair. Keep scrolling to discover the hacks, products and salon tips that will give the lift you’ve been looking for.