This Is How to Break Up With Your Split Ends

Split ends are annoying—not only do they make your hair look unkempt, but if they’re left to their own devices, they travel up the hair shaft, meaning next time you visit the hairdresser’s for a trim, you could well leave with a much shorter haircut than you’d bargained for.

I am obsessive about split ends. Despite going to the hairdresser’s being very much a part of my job, I don’t have my hair cut more than once a year. There are two reasons: first, because I like my hair long, and second, because I have a fear of scissor-happy hairdressers. I like to leave the salon without anyone knowing I’ve had my hair cut.

I called on two hair experts to help you avoid the curse of the split ends (and stop them from getting worse if you do happen to have them). Because you should never have to get your hair cut if you don’t want to.