Listen Up: 9 Perfect Skin Tricks We Learnt From the A-List

Attaining perfect skin is most women's beauty holy grail. While we all want to be told we look "glowing," you know you have aced the great skin thing when someone compliments your complexion specifically and not your makeup. So how does one achieve flawless skin? You know, the kind of complexions that A-listers appear to have been born with…

Well, you may think these women have teams of skin experts on speed dial, and while that's true for some, many of them have down-to-earth tricks and sage advice that we can all follow. From Olivia Munn's drugstore skincare find to the edible liquid Scarlett Johansson uses as a toner, these celebrities are just like us—constantly on the quest for better complexions and happy to try even the weirdest and wonderful skin hacks to make great skin a reality.

Keep scrolling as we reveal how to get perfect skin like these nine celebrities.