6 Products That Guarantee Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows, possibly one of the most important features on your face, are big news. A well-groomed brow can totally transform your look. How frustrating is it then that eyebrows are one of the only places where hair regrows super slow? Shave your legs, you have regrowth mere hours later, but pluck your eyebrows and you wait 15 years. So if you need a little help on how to get perfect eyebrows, we’ve got just the products. 

Any teenager of the ’90s has Kate Moss to thank for their overly plucked eyebrows. The ’90s were the time of the skinny brow, aka wax/pluck all your hair and draw a thin line where your eyebrows once were. What were we thinking? And now, possibly single-handedly brought back by Cara Delevingne, it’s all about the bushy brow. Cara has played a huge part in the booming brow trade.

If you were lucky enough to be born into an era that celebrated big brows, you may just need a little grooming help. If like us, you were born pre-Cara, we’ve tried and tested the best products to get you bigger, better brows. With products to speed up regrowth, pencils to fill in gaps and gels to tint, we’re spoilt for choice and have no excuses for an untamed brow. You’re welcome. Click through the gallery below to find out Lou + Em’s guide to the best brow products.