How to Get Over Jet Lag, According to Flight Attendants

Is there anything worse than travelling to an exotic new locale only to be hit by the hell-on-Earth feeling that is jet lag? Suddenly, your desire to find the most Instagrammable delicious gelato in all of Venice is overshadowed by a debilitating desire to sleep (and sleep and sleep some more). Even worse, there's new evidence that when you're travelling from west to east, your jet lag is more extreme.

This is all terrible of course because we have plans this summer, none of which involve conking out in a dark hotel room (that’s for later in the evening, after many glasses of wine, obviously). To find out how to keep jet lag at bay like a truly seasoned traveller, we tapped into a group of expert flyers: flight attendants. Ahead, you’ll find a multitude of ways the pros stay alert and awake, even after hours upon hours of travelling. Grab your neck pillow, and keep scrolling to see what they are.