Not Convinced by Glossy Lids? This Makeup Artist Will Change Your Mind

Glossy eyes tend to be a makeup look most of us love but feel we could never wear in real life, but that's just not the case—they're totally wearable when you know how. The jelly eye (as I like to call it) or wet-look eye, as it's also known, has had a 170% increase in searches on Pinterest in the last year, so it's a given that you love the look. And no, a glossy eye doesn't have to be a sticky one, which tends to be the reason most people avoid wearing it. I've found that using 3INA's The Lip Oil Balm (£8) gives the gloss without the stick.

Another hurdle is how to achieve a glossy eye without looking like you're just a bit sweaty. So we called on our makeup contributor, Katie Jane Hughes, to reveal the secrets to achieving a wearable glossy eye. It's all in the blending and not being too precious when it smudges. The great thing about gloss is you can just pat it into place, but sometimes a lived-in glossy eye looks flirtier than a perfect one. Keep scrolling to watch Katie Jane Hughes's 60-second guide to the perfect glossy eye.

While Glossier Boy Brow may not be available in the UK, we love Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel (£17) and Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow (£20) for neat, groomed brows.

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