6 Ways to Fake Fuller Lashes in Seconds



When it comes to lashes, most people would agree that the aim is to get them as long and as full as possible. Of course, you could fake it with false lashes, but they are fiddly for everyday application (unless you’re the woman I spied applying hers with ease on the tube this week; kudos to you). Then there are lash extensions, applied by an expert, which are less faff but more expensive. And, you know, we don’t all want to fake it. Some of us just want to enhance what we already have with ease. If that sounds like you, then know this: There are plenty of ways to quickly fake fuller lashes in seconds. These are the tricks of the trade that makeup artists and vloggers adopt when they want natural lashes to look their absolute fluttery best. Keep scrolling for the lash hacks you need to try this party season…

Layer Up

And we’re not just talking mascara. Apply one coat; then, using an eye shadow or fan brush, dust your lashes with baby powder or loose black pigment (if you have it) before applying another coat of mascara. This will give you full-on thick lashes.


Start "Minking"

This is a “trick of the eye” technique that gives the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. First, apply a black mascara all over your lashes. Next, coat just the tips with a dark brown mascara, and then add another coat of the black all over. This gives each strand a multidimensional effect and, like magic, makes your lashes look both fuller and longer. Give it a go.

Try Tightlining

Now, if you haven’t tried it before, I’m not going to lie—tightlining takes some getting used to. Using a gel pencil or gel eyeliner and a fine, flat brush, you apply black liner to the waterline at the base of your top lashes. This involves manoeuvring your eyelid up so you can reach the liner into the right place. It tickles, and it can make your eyes water, but you’ll get used to it. It’s worth it, because creating a dark line at the base of the lashes gives off the illusion of longer, denser lashes, as it makes them appear to start further back.

Top Them Up

We all apply mascara from the underneath to encourage the top lashes sit up and open, which is a must. But apply a layer on the top of your lashes first, and then apply your two coats from underneath as usual. By hitting the lashes at a 360-degree angle, they will look thicker. Worried about getting mascara on your eyelids? You can clean them with Amirose Eye Makeup Remover and Corrector (£4), a cotton bud and makeup remover in one, or use a smaller mascara like Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara (£14), which you can also use afterwards to target any of your teeny lashes you may have missed.

Get Your Technique Nailed

For seriously full-looking lashes, you need to wiggle your brush in a zigzag motion from root to tip. And remember: Wands that look like brushes will give you a thicker finished look than the ones that look like combs, which are more suited to lengthening the lash. Want to lengthen and thicken? Opt for a dual-ended mascara like The Estée Edit The Edgiest Up & Out Mascara (£17).

Do a Quick Flick

Using a liner pen with a fine nib like Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner (£12), add a flick to the outer corner of each eye. From far away, this will give the effect of thicker lashes at the outer corners. The wing will help to give the illusion of wider, more open eyes too.

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Opening Images: Getty/Antonello Trio/Contributor