7 Flat Stomach Hacks You Need to Try


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It goes without saying that every body is a bikini body, but if a flat stomach is high on your agenda for summer, you’re definitely not alone. 62% of women say their belly is the body part they’re most self-conscious of, and it doesn’t help that it’s one of the trickiest areas to shift fat fast. The reason for this is simple: Your midsection has a higher number of fat cells and they don’t respond as easily to the fat breakdown process, lipolysis. But that’s not to say your hopes for a taut midriff are completely futile, as the right combination of diet, exercise and some small lifestyle tweaks can help you see big results. You already know the basic rule—burn more calories than you take in each day—but we’re helping to kick-start your toned tummy plan with a few extra tricks.