Want to Skip Foundation? Follow These Rules for Flawless, Even Skin



First off, let's get one thing straight: We don't hate foundation. On the contrary, we'll be the first to say that the ability to swipe on a flawless complexion in a matter of seconds is a beautiful thing—not to mention the fact that it helps the rest of our makeup stay put. But we're also guilty of using it as a crutch sometimes, as a Band-Aid for skin issues that we should probably be tackling at the root rather than just covering up. And when our skin is looking flawless in all its naked glory—usually in the days following a killer facial—it just feels so good to go without that extra layer.

In reality, taking care of complexion problems like discoloration and dryness doesn't require a tonne of time or a professional touch—i.e., it is possible to make your bare face look camera-ready at all times. It's just a matter of prepping your skin like an expert, which is why we turned to some of the best in the biz for their advice. Follow their tips below, and soon you'll be able to say that you really did wake up like this.

Beyond these hands-on steps, all of our experts emphasise getting enough sleep; eating unprocessed, antioxidant-packed foods; and, of course, practicing proper sun protection. A healthy lifestyle and great skin go hand in hand.

What's your best-kept secret for naturally gorgeous skin? Sound off in the comments below.