This Is How to Stop Feeling Tired—No Caffeine Required



Our relationship with coffee falls into the “tumultuous” category. Like a drug, we love how one sip can make us feel so good and get us so high. (The buzz! Oh, the buzz.) But how quickly things unravel—a few hours later, we’re usually a cracked-out, nauseated wreck. Straight back to the kitchen we go. It’s a vicious cycle, and it seems like every few weeks, we vow to swear off coffee forever. We’ve tried alternatives, but then we got to thinking—what about ways to boost our energy that don’t require caffeine at all? After all, it’s the caffeine itself that’s contributing to our cracked-out disposition, not the delicious roasted coffee beans (Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves… #denial.) Ahead, you’ll find five easy ways to boost your energy without caffeine—or, what we’re calling the caffeine hater’s guide to staying awake. Keep scrolling to see them all!