How to Fake Beachy Hair in Just 7 Minutes (or Less)

Amy Lawrenson

Beachy hair is my thing. Partly because when it comes to my hair, I have very little time to style it. Rather than working against what I’ve been dealt genetically and trying to coax it into something it’s not, I just roll with it and embrace the dry texture (thanks to bleach, not beach) and up the ante on the natural wave.

That’s not to say, however, that you can’t do beachy hair if you don’t have a natural wave. In fact, it’s a style you really can fake whether your hair is naturally straight or curly. And it doesn’t have to take you hours—just a bit of strategic planning and tactical use of products is needed.

Keep scrolling to find out how to get beachy waves in minutes, plus the inspiration and products you need…


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To Start

So, I mentioned you need to get strategic. Unless you can leave your hair to air-dry, you'll need to wash your hair the night before. 

For the best beachy waves, whatever your hair type, ideally you want to start with freshly washed hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner specially designed to create that beachy texture like Redken Beach Envy Shampoo (£14) and Conditioner (£16). This will leave you with hair that has a more airy texture and isn’t weighed down by too many emollients. Use a Tangle Teezer to remove any knots, and then, regardless of whether you have curly or not, wrap it up in a T-shirt to absorb some of the moisture. It’s less abrasive on the hair than a towel, which means less frizz.

To Style Straight Hair

The 2-Minute Prep:

Work some Bumble and bumble Don’t Blow It Hair Styler (£23) through your hair; it contains plant oils to condition but also polymers for hold. Now part your hair, splitting it into two sections and braid the hair, securing with hair elastics. You essentially should now have two braided pigtails. Sleep in the braids.  

The 3-Minute Style:

On waking, unravel your braids. Assess your hair, you may need to use a wand on any areas that need to be a little more wavy. Mist and very gently scrunch your hair with a little Tigi Session Series Salt Spray (£9) for that dry beachy texture and for added hold.

To Style Curly Hair

The 4-Minute Prep:

Apply John Frieda 3 Day Straight (£6) to your damp hair and using a diffuser rough dry, smoothing your hair with a brush. Part your hair and create a braid on each side from your temple, securing at the ends with elastics (think braided pigtails). Sleep on a silk pillowcase to reduce the chances of any frizz.

The 3-Minute Style:

Once you’ve unraveled the braids, take a Cloud Nine Waving Wand (£100) and use it to coax any strands that are still super curly into a looser wave. Mist with Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion (£22); it contains salt but also oils so it won’t dry out your hair (curly hair has a tendency to be naturally drier).

To Style Naturally Wavy Hair

The 1-Minute Prep:

Apply Color Wow Coconut Cocktail Bionic Tonic (£22) and distribute through your hair with your fingers. It’s super hydrating and great if your hair is colour-treated.

The 30-Second Style:

Mist with SachaJuan Ocean Mist (£18) and leave to dry naturally.

To Style Day-Old Hair

Don't have time to wash your hair the night before? No worries, just do this…

The 5-Minute Style:

Damp down your hair with wet hands, especially focus on the strands around your face that could be slightly greasy. Mist your hair with O&M Salt Bomb (£19) and tong random pieces. The key with faking beachy-looking hair is that you don’t want to be too precise, you want the waves to look natural and not too done. If you have fine hair, massage Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion (£21) into roots for lift and to get that dry texture back

To Finish

Regardless of hair type, use Ouai Haircare Finishing Crème (£20) on the ends; this will give your hair a little polish and keep it looking healthy.

To Inspire You:

So you’re not blonde and you don’t have long hair? In amongst the typical surfer types on our beachy hair Pinterest board, we’ve rounded up some short- and brunette-haired girls who are rocking the beachy-haired look too…


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