L.A. Hairstylists Reveal Their Favourite Beach Wave Techniques

As beauty editors, we consider ourselves quite fortunate to reside in Los Angeles. The land of swaying palm trees and balmy beaches is kind to our skin and hair, with weather that rarely dips below 50º and a temperament that is highly conducive to lightly bronzed skin year round (don’t hate). Oh, and there’s the fact that we reside near several beaches and thus are able to achieve Pinterest-worthy beach waves by simply, well, going to the beach (like we said—don’t hate). Not ones to keep beauty secrets to ourselves, and knowing the rest of the nation deserves glam hair too, we picked the minds of four of L.A.’s top hairstylists. The request? To have them share their unique techniques for creating the perfect “just took a dip in the ocean” wave. Their clients include Emma Stone and Cara Delevingne, so we knew we could take their word for gospel. Salt spray ready? Keep scrolling to find out four different ways to do beachy waves, the L.A. way.