Moody or Fatigued? These 7 Tricks Will Help You Bounce Back Fast



Hands up: Who here feels personally victimised by their energy levels? These days, it's all too common to feel like you're running on empty or like you're simply tired all the damn time. Or that you're just feeling a little down in the dumps. But it's also little wonder why—our lives have never been busier, and work pressures have never felt more intense. We're demanding more out of our bodies but fuelling them with even less sleep.

We know that simply telling you to go to bed earlier isn't exactly the most helpful advice. Yes, it will make a difference, but it isn't always possible. Even so, your energy loss could be down to a whole multitude of factors beyond sleep. Your body might be deficient in the vital vitamins and minerals it needs to perform at its best, your lunch choice might be failing to fuel you through the afternoon, or you might have a more serious underlying condition (such as anaemia or diabetes).

As always, if your lack of energy or low mood is a real roadblock that's stopping you from going about your daily routine, then speaking to your doctor is certainly advised (just to rule out any larger health factors). But there are actually plenty of minor tweaks you can make that will refill your energy supplies so you don't crash and burn come 6 p.m.

Consider this your better energy guide. We've found seven interesting ways to maximise your energy levels and boost your mood, so you needn't feel so sluggish all the time.