12 Real Women Share Their Cures for Dark Circles

We can think of many things in life that are more important than dealing with the dark circles under our eyes. Our health, the upcoming election, whether we should give up dairy in the name of good skin… The list goes on. But anyone who deals with dark circles knows just how much of an annoyance they are and (important or not) how much they can affect our mood and general outlook on life. Like paper cuts or your mum’s passive-aggressive texts about the state of your bank account, under-eye circles are relatively harmless, but that doesn’t make them any less frustrating to deal with.

Here at Byrdie, we’ve revealed our fair share of under-eye remedies, mostly vetted and recommended by ourselves and top dermatologists. But why not flip the script and shine some light on the cures real women swear by? We polled the women in our office and asked—nay, begged—them to share their tried-and-true remedies, and the answers came pouring in. (Now, we can’t guarantee the scientific validity to back every one of these, but you can trust that they work for at least one person.) From pharmacy gems to kitchen hacks (you’ll never throw away tea bags again), keep scrolling for 13 real woman–approved dark-circle cures.




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