5 Brow Tips We Bet You Haven't Heard Before



Brows—some have a lot, some don’t have any (curse you, ’90s), but everyone is obsessed with them. By now, we consider ourselves well versed in the right way to fill them in, as well as the best products to achieve the Delevingne-esque arches of our dreams. Except, well, when the end result isn’t exactly that.

Whether it’s that annoying gap in our arch that just won’t fill in no matter how much powder we use or a shape that’s just never quite right, we’ve all suffered our fair share of brow frustrations. In times like these, the simple “follow your natural arch” advice simply doesn’t suffice—which is why we reached out to brow expert and Flutter Beauty founder Felicia Alves for her top brow-shaping tips that aren’t common knowledge. Trust us—you’ll be glad to know these.

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