The Simple Summer Makeup Trick That Makes You Look Younger

Freckles. They can be a controversial topic - a bit of a Marmite beauty look, if you will. But last week, after I spied Kylie Jenner sporting a load of her natural freckles post-holidaying in Turks and Caicos for her 19th birthday, it made me wish I had some more.

I only have a few over my nose, and they've been there for a long time. However, when the sun comes out, or when I'm in hot country, I tend to get a few more (note: sun damage can happen as you get older, which is why I wear SPF 30 every day). While soaking up vitamin D undoubtedly gives me a new lease of life, there's something about the smattering of freckles that also gives me a youthful glow. 

We spoke to Bare Minerals' international makeup artist Sarah-Jane Froom about why freckles are so anti-ageing and how to fake them without looking like you've drawn them on.

Keep scrolling for our how-to guide on how to create your fake freckles. 




Opening Image: Photoshot/Hutton Archive/Getty Images

Would you ever fake your freckles? What do you think of this look? Sound off below!