Wait, You Need to Exfoliate Your Eyebrows?



Wondering when knowing how to exfoliate your eyebrows became a thing? Us too, to be honest. But in some ways, we get it. It's annoying to think that there's yet another component that you have to add to your beauty regimen, but hear us out: There are a few reasons you might want to consider doing it. Not only will it leave you with better skin, it'll stop the formation of those annoying little bumps commonly known as ingrown hairs (you know the ones), which can hinder your eyebrow-makeup application. We spoke to the experts at Blink Brow Bar to find out exactly how to exfoliate your eyebrows so you can have your best brows ever.

Keep scrolling for a super-quick guide on how to exfoliate your eyebrows and why it's so useful.

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