How to Exfoliate, in Case You're Too Embarrassed to Ask Somebody

Everybody says they do it, but do you actually know how to exfoliate? When you start thinking about manual scrubs and chemical exfoliants, it can actually start to get pretty confusing, but there are some insider tricks when it comes to sloughing away dead skin that will lead to a glowier complexion in less time. If you don't exfoliate on the regular, now is the time to start. As we're desperately willing on bare-leg weather and we're ready to shed the winter coat of dull skin, exfoliation is vital in improving the general look and feel of your skin.

Whether a dermatologist, facialist or podiatrist, there are many specialists who know just how important this process is and the benefits it can have for your skin, but before we let you in on their secrets, there is one mistake even we beauty editors make when it comes to exfoliating: not doing it. By that, we mean you have to be consistent, rather than just scrubbing before your friend's wedding, beach holiday or ludicrously sunny British day. Why? If you don't factor exfoliation into your daily routine, you won't see results as quickly as you'd like (or even at all) and you'll also be limiting the efficacy of your skincare regimen—not even hyaluronic acid can penetrate skin if it's lying under a layer of dull, dead cells. Little and often is the key.