Hair Tutorial: How to Do Brushed-Out Waves

The perfectly smooth, bouncy-curled blowout had its moment, but now it’s all about lived-in hair—real texture, undone waves—the maybe-I-did-wake-up-like-this styles. And we couldn’t be happier. Partly because it means our wash-and-go days have become more and more frequent, but also because on the days we want to do more than air-dry, it means we get to embrace the dreamy, fuzzy texture made famous by our favourite ’70s beauty icons. Couldn’t we all use an updated version of flower-child hair? Anh Co Tran thinks so, and as L.A.’s most in-demand hairstylist, he knows a thing or two about the trend. With his expert guidance (and these step-by-step photos), you can master the brushed-out waves look in no time. The best part? They look even better after they’ve been slept on for a night or two.

Scroll through for the full brushed-out waves tutorial!