How to Do the Perfect At-Home Mani Every Time

Hi, my name is Elinor, and I'm a home manicure addict. Ever since I can remember, I've loved having my nails painted. Sunday night is even my "official" night to do my nails. This is because it gives me the chance to get organised for the week ahead and feel more put together, but also because I seriously can't keep spending all my money on manicures in salons. While I love the luxury of them and how it gives me time to relax, I simply can't afford to do it every week, which is why I've become a home manicure expert. And with my busy job that requires I tap on a computer all day, plus commuting, there's a fair amount of wear-and-tear that goes on. So I decided it was high time that I share my years of home mani wisdom, as well as calling on a couple of experts to share their tips too. 

Keep scrolling for your ultimate guide on how to do a home manicure.