9 Detox Secrets Celebrities Don’t Want You to Know About

It’s a bit of an in-joke in our industry that when we interview celebrities and ask how to detox or what their wellness secrets are, we already know, nine times out of 10, what the answer will be. Either drink more water or get more sleep. It’s like they’re hiding something (we’re only half kidding). Wellness warrior Gwyneth Paltrow is, of course, exempt from this since she has a whole website devoted to a healthy lifestyle in the shape of Goop.

The thing is we know that a high proportion of celebrities head to exclusive and world-renowned detox spas in their downtime from filming or touring, and these places are hardcore. The thing is the A-listers we interview most probably embrace these weird and wonderful detox techniques to reset their body once or twice a year, so in their own time all they really need to do is move more, rest more and drink more water to reap the benefits all year round. Now we don’t all have the A-list paychecks to allows us to splurge on a retreat for an annual MOT, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find out what treatments and tricks the world’s most exclusive retreats offer. Keep scrolling to find out how the A-list REALLY detox…

Heading over to St. Lucia now and The BodyHoliday (where Emma Bunton has stayed). Here they offer infrared saunas as part of the package. The reason? They state that "by letting your body absorb infrared rays, this treatment will elevate internal body temperature, increase blood circulation, improve joint mobility and boost your immune system. You will feel deeply relaxed during this 20-minute session."

Read more about infrared saunas and find your nearest one here.

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