Why You Need to Start Shaving Your Face Like a Man

Last week, we revealed that women in Hollywood have a very well-kept anti-ageing secret: They shave their faces. Or at least they get their Hollywood skin gurus to do it for them. The treatment is called dermaplaning, and it goes a long way to explaining why A-list women have such incredibly smooth, clear and glowing complexions.

Now while the whole concept is pretty alien to us here in the UK (because face shaving is very much a boys-only endeavour for hair removal), over in Japan, women shave their faces at home as a part of their regular skincare routines. Instead of dermaplaning, they call it kao sori, and it's "as common as tweezing your brows," says Japanese skincare expert and DHC Skincare editor Cynthia Popper. Everyone in Japan does it, from teens to people over 50. "Facial straight razors are found at every drugstore, and kao sori salons are ubiquitous," she says.

Popper guarantees that British women could benefit from the anti-ageing wonders of face shaving at home, just like the boys do. Keep scrolling to learn how regular face shaving can keep your skin youthful for decades, and find out how to do it yourself!

Would you shave your face in the name of ageless skin? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Opening Image: Banana Republic