6 Tricks That Will Guarantee Realistic-Looking Contouring Every Time

Google "how to contour," and at some point, you'll inevitably stumble across the man who made it so ubiquitous: Mario Dedivanovic. The makeup artist is renowned for using the technique on Kim Kardashian West, which in turn created countless copycats, followed by the "Instagram face." In the last few years, the search for "contouring palette" grew exponentially, and it's easy to understand why. The look is meant to make your face appear streamlined. Thanks to a clever application of lighter and darker makeup, your face can essentially look more sculpted.




However, we've spotted a new trend emerging. Other than the fact that contouring palettes declined in popularity last year (our trusty friend Google told us that), even Dedivanovic has said that it's changed. Instead of those thick stripes, we're seeing a much different approach: It's softer, pared back and more natural.

"The whole clean vibe I've been doing with Kim, I've already started seeing it on social media," Dedivanovic revealed to People. "I love a natural, clean look. There's something so fresh about it, and also, to do it, it's refreshing—it's not as much work."

So how do we master this new way of contouring? We've come up with six surefire tricks to help you achieve the look. Not only that, but we'll also tell you what you need to contour your face and cheeks and whether or not you need use foundation. Keep scrolling to see six simple steps that will make your contour look natural and not OTT.