How to Build the Perfect Running Playlist

Finally, January is over. February is a short month, which means it's basically spring (at least that's what we're telling ourselves here at Byrdie HQ). Now is prime running season as people will be pounding the pavements in training for all the upcoming marathons; honestly, you'll start to spot them everywhere.

It's inspiring, and while a 26.2-mile race isn't for everyone, running is a cheap form of exercise. It's also crazy how quickly it starts to feel easier—at first you huff and puff and wheeze like a cat with a hairball, but stick with it and a few jogs down the line, you'll start smashing those personal bests, we promise. Music helps (it drowns out the heavy breathing and feet pounding, for starters), but a happy tune can also help you run further and faster.

We called on Nike+ Run Club Coach Rebecca Gentry to share her tips on building the perfect running playlist whether you're running a 5k or 26.2 miles. Keep scrolling for her top tips and tricks, plus our pick of the best running headphones.