Want to Become a Makeup Artist? 4 Industry Leaders Spill Their Secrets



Want to become a makeup artist? Whether your dream is to work with the best backstage beauty gurus come fashion week, groom A-listers ahead of the red carpet or create gorgeous looks for brides on their big day, there’s one thing all makeup artists have in common: determination. Though the glitz and glamour of the industry have their allure, being a full-time MUA is hard work, not to mention highly competitive. The good news, however, is that there are endless ways to make it to the top, and with huge beauty-loving communities on social media, there’s already a hungry fan base just waiting to drink up your creativity. So are you ready to make your mark in the makeup world? To help you get there, we’ve consulted four of the very best makeup artist in the business.

Keep scrolling for career-boosting tips from four of our favourite makeup gurus: Katie Jane Hughes, Danielle Roberts, Hannah Martin and SJ Froom.