7 Habits of the World's Fittest Women

With our busy lives, it's always tough to stick to a fitness routine. While we might have our Fitbit going, track our diets on My Fitness Pal, and follow the #IFFYM hashtag on Instagram, the truth is that it's quite tough to get a clear understanding of what it really takes to be healthy. As we spend a lot our time poring over fitness blogger Insta accounts and reading their posts on how they've discovered new recipes and workout routines, we've managed to compile a guide on their top tips and their best healthy habits. From how to prepare interesting dishes in the kitchen to knowing what foods give you a flatter stomach, as well as looking after your mind as well as your body, we've got the best habits from some of the world's fittest women. 

Keep scrolling for seven tips on how to be healthy by some of the fittest women in the world right now.