The Trick to Applying Lipstick Without a Mirror

Want to know how to apply lipstick sans mirror no matter where you are? We caught up with Chelsa Crowley, co-founder of Stowaway Cosmetics (the right-sized travel beauty brand), in Venice Beach during her U.S. pop-up tour and she gave us literally our favourite on-the-go tip since, well, ever. 

Crowley, longtime makeup artist and former face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics offered, "It can be tricky, but there's an easy application trick when you are prepping lips without a mirror handy." She continued, "Since perfecting your top lip can be the most challenging, first apply only to the bottom. Then, press your lips together to add colour to the top, careful not to rub both lips across eachother in a sweeping motion. Here's the important part: Once you have your lipstick on, use your pinky finger to wipe downward only on the cupid's bow to remove excess colour that may have gotten outside of the lines. Voila!"  

Um—consider our lips dropped open in awe of this boardroom-prep and Uber-ride game-changer. 

The trick becomes even more efficient with Stowaway's battery-sized Creme Lipstick ($15) meant to fit just about anywhere, even that tiny denim pocket. As newbies to the no-mirror lip game, we'll likely baby-step this with a light shade of peony before trying a brighter, bolder shade. 

Do you apply your makeup on the go? What tricks have worked for you when no mirror is handy? Sound off below!