Makeup Artists Agree: These Are the Biggest Foundation Mistakes Women Make


The Beauty Lookbook

How is that foundation can be such a blessing and also such a curse? When applied correctly, it's the cornerstone of a flawless makeup look—the goal is, of course, to look like you're flaunting your very own genetically blessed skin. 

And yet that often feels evasive. You can feel like you're doing everything right, spending minutes buffing your favourite formula to perfection, only to have a friend point out a cakey patch somewhere along your jawline. Or feel like you're wearing a mask of cement by 4 p.m. Or—worst of all—notice in a photo that your face is an entirely different shade from the rest of your body. What gives?

But here's the good news: Applying foundation like a makeup artist doesn't require years of schooling and professional experience, but instead merely adopting a few tiny tweaks to your application method. And the most strategic approach is to know exactly which pitfalls to avoid—and fortunately, our go-to experts are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

From colour-matching to blending, see which common foundation mistakes makeup artists would like you to stop making.

Now you know which mistakes to avoid, take a look at the world's best foundations.