Always Have Wonky Eyeliner? The Lazy Girl's Guide to Applying Every Type



Eyeliner is the source of many a beauty problem. The secret to success is knowing how to apply different types of eyeliner because each one has its own rules. While it's a given that it's a must-have for any makeup bag, the eyeliner gods aren't kind to everyone. I've spotted countless Instagram posts lamenting an eyeliner application gone wrong (#eyelinerproblems).

But seeing as I've spent many years using all kinds of types of eyeliner (see my guide to the best eyeliners here), I can tell you now that there is a trick for applying each and every type. From gel to pencils, as well as liquid, I've got beauty hacks for every type of eyeliner. You'll never have to despair in front of your mirror in the morning ever again. 

Keep scrolling for my guide on how to apply each type of eyeliner and which products I rate.

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