No One Wears Blusher Like This Anymore



Over the years, we've realised that learning how to apply blusher is tough. While some might happily paint it on without a further thought (and can do it rather adeptly), others might find themselves looking a little like they're about to do a skit in a circus. And what with the boom in contouring, the humble blusher has been pushed aside for a more sculpted look. But there's one good reason you should be wearing blusher in 2017, and it's not because Kylie Jenner has just launched a set of rouges. Blusher is what gives your skin a glow, even when you're feeling a little worse for wear. It can immediately brighten a complexion and make anyone think you're feeling good when you're not. 

Of course, there are many pitfalls when it comes to wearing blusher. One of them is that the old-school way of striping your cheeks is totally out. Instead, for 2017, the more pared-back way of getting glowing skin is in. During fashion week, we spotted many pretty looks that made blush look totally new. From Marchesa's subtle glow to Chanel's models with pink dusting around the eyes, these were the new ways to wear blush. But before you start experimenting, we've got five rules you should always stick to when applying the stuff. Keep scrolling for the five mistakes everyone makes when applying blusher, and shop our iconic blush picks.

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Opening Image: Mango