How to Air-Dry Thick Hair So It Doesn't Look Frizzy: A 9-Step Guide


Alexei Hay

There's a reason my long, thick hair is just starting to recover after years of abuse with hot tools and product overload alike: Because for far too long, I thought that the "tame it into submission" approach was the only way. For much of my formative years, I spent hours straightening or curling my hair every morning and tried countless anti-frizz creams and serums, only to have a decent hair day about 20% of the time. It wasn't until I went cold turkey with everythingincluding shampoo—that I finally discovered my mane's full potential. Suddenly, I had defined waves that I didn't recognise as my own. And frizz? What frizz?

While I've since rotated some select products back into my routine, it remains quite minimal—but that isn't the only reason my natural waves behave on most days. Part of my hair epiphany was understanding that it's all in the wash and dry—the air-dry, to be specific. And perfecting that technique is key to a low-maintenance routine, even for the thickest, unruliest locks.

Of course, while I've learned by experience, I'm no pro—which is why we also called on some of our favourite expert stylists for their own tips on skipping the blow-dryer while sidestepping pesky frizz and poofiness in the process. Below, find everything you need to know about air-drying thick hair perfectly, every time.

Got thick hair? What are some of your best secrets for keeping frizz on lockdown? Tell us in the comments below!