You Can Only Use This Eyeliner 20 Times ... But It's Totally Worth It

It’s around 5 p.m. and you finally get a minute to glance at your makeup in the mirror. Your reflection doesn’t resemble the person who left home that morning with perfectly lined eyes, but rather a girl who’s just finished doing the walk of shame. Not ok. Enter: Hourglass’ 1.5 MM Mechanical Gel Eye Liner ($45 for a pack of three) in Obsidian, a waterproof gel liner that’s tucked into a 1.5 MM mechanical pencil.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sceptical when I learned that it “lasts approximately 17-20 uses.” Eyebrows raised, I put it to the test one morning: As advised, I clicked the pen twice, then applied it to my waterline and tight-lined my top lash line. And now I am a believer. Its superior formula and staying power prove that its 20-use limit has nothing to do with its ability.

Comparable to the creamy consistency of a gel pot eyeliner, its pigmented, pitch-black colour made my eyes pop like no eyeliner has ever done before, so much so that my friends demanded to know what I had done differently to my makeup. Clean, well-defined lines stayed put on my waterline, and didn’t transfer (not even a smidge) to my lids until I washed it off before going to bed. What I adore most about this eyeliner is that it’s similar to a gel pot liner but doesn’t dry out like one (ahem, a week after you purchase).

So before you judge this eyeliner by its numerical limits, consider this: It’s guaranteed to stay intact from the minute you apply it until the moment you’re ready to take it off—no smudging, crumbling, or fading. Sure, only 20 times, but it’ll be your best 20 days of wearing eyeliner ever. After all, all good things must come to an end, right?

Would you try it?