I Came Off the Pill and Got Adult Acne

I've always been extremely lucky with my skin. Throughout my teens and early 20s, no matter how lackadaisical I was with my skincare routine, my skin just ticked away pretty happy. Then, when I got into the beauty industry, I was lucky enough to try out every skincare treatment, buzzy ingredient and new product launch going—which left my skin healthy, happy and supple.

Pretty sickening, right? Well, I'm paying for it now. For the last six months or so (like clockwork), one week before my period is due, enormous crater-like zits will pop up on my face. I'll feel them come on a couple of days prior, and then when they do appear, they're painful and hard to cover. Not only that, but no matter how much I blast them with salicylic acid, LED light treatments or just leave them be, they seem to hang around like an unwanted friend for a good couple of weeks.

I drink lots of water, eat plenty of greens and have a skincare regime that would rival a Korean 12-step routine, yet I'm still breaking out every month. I attribute some of the blame to the fact I came off the pill around 18 months ago, but since I didn't have troublesome skin before taking the pill, my crazy hormones are not my friend right now.

It's frustrating, painful, annoying and generally just a bit shit, and it's a problem that I know so many 20- and 30-somethings out there also struggle with. So I decided to rope in the advice of some of the best dermatologists I know. Here's their advice to me, and now to you too…




Forever trying to fight off zits before they come (above).