9 Amazing Beauty Products We Learned About Through Word of Mouth

An arm's length of swatches, a perfectly moisturised left hand, a ridiculously perfumed jumper… take it from me—this is the standard beauty editor uniform. Our jobs are all about sifting through the latest and greatest beauty launches and testing as many formulas as our faces can take all to give you the most comprehensive report of what's actually worth your money in the beauty world. That's why, if you're looking for a beauty recommendation, asking a beauty editor is a pretty good bet.

But just because we're experts in our field doesn't mean we don't love a good recommendation ourselves. In fact, we love a well-researched tip-off from a fellow editor, and more often than not, these referrals end up being the most prized items in our own beauty weaponry. Below, the Byrdie UK team shares those holy-grail products that entered our lives courtesy of another beauty editor via word of mouth. These come doubly approved.