Your Definitive Holiday Beauty Packing List



No matter where you're jetting off to, you will always need a holiday beauty packing list. Why? Well, we've all been there: we get halfway around the world only to realise our favourite beauty product is sat longingly on our bathroom shelf at home. Of course, the little gift shop in the middle of this far-flung holiday destination doesn't stock Nurofen, let alone Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (£28). And don't even let us remind you what happens when you try to sneak your favourite 150-millilitre body lotion through security (just like the lottery, you're unlikely to win that one). That's why you need to plan, with military precision, which beauty products you're going to pack before you go away. Luckily, at Byrdie, we love making lists, so here is every single beauty product you could ever need for any type of holiday.

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