The World's Most Famous Piercer Says This Is the Next Big Trend


Courtesy of Maria Tash

Welcome back to our piercing series, Piercings 101. We've already brought you the intel on pretty much every piercing you could want, from a conch to a daith, but according to the piercing queen, Maria Tash, there's a new trend on the block: high-lobe piercings. So, of course, we had to hit Tash up for all the information you could need to know before taking the plunge. Just look at those jewellery adorned ears. It's tempting, right?

It's funny how trends come and go—whether it's makeup trends like matte lips and glossy lids, or fashion trends like pointy-toed shoes and strappy sandals. The same cyclical trends happen in the world of piercings: Now it's the high-lobe piercing that's the look du jour. "It's a fun placement without the commitment of the upper-ear cartilage," Tash tells me. "It's known as 'vertically paired' or the 'stacked-lobe' piercing," she says.

Tash believes the root of the trend comes from a place of troubleshooting. "[It's] a fix for poor placement of traditional lobe piercings that may have been done with an ear-piercing gun but has really become a popular choice for those that just want something fun." Keep reading for everything you need to know about getting a high-lobe piercing.

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