Exclusive: We Spoke With the Genius Behind Heidi Klum's Epic Halloween Costumes



When we think of celebrity Halloween costumes, Heidi Klum instantly comes top of mind. She's the unofficial (but might as well be official) queen of Halloween, and she upstages all other costumes with her completely transformative prosthetics, makeup, wigs, etc. Take, for example, her insane geriatric costume, or that time she was a skinned human body, or last year's unforgettable Jessica Rabbit costume—all three of which Mike Marino of Prosthetic Renaissancethe top prosthetic company that's worked on countless high-profile films—helped create.

We caught up with Marino to learn more about how he helped craft some of Klum's most insane costumes and what he has in store for her costume this year (spoiler: we couldn't exactly crack him—it's still a big secret). Keep scrolling to learn more about the insane process that it takes to build Klum's costumes and how the whole thing comes to fruition below!

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