8 Healthy Snacks That Won't Ruin Your Diet (or Your Appetite)

Healthy snacks are essential for a serial snacker like me. Some people are happy with their three square meals, but if you tend to graze your way through the day, having some healthy snacks in your desk drawer or fridge at home will ensure that you don't derail your diet. And even if you're not looking to lose weight, reaching for a bag of crisps or chocolate bar come 4 p.m. is not the healthiest habit to get into on the daily.

The key to success is finding healthy snack recipes that are enticing, easy to make and tasty. You'll be pleased to hear that I've done the research for you and found eight healthy snacks that tick all those boxes. There are some sweet and savoury options, depending on what you fancy. Most of these do involve batch cooking, which means you can prep them on a Sunday for the week ahead. Just don't eat them all on Sunday evening…

Keep scrolling for eight healthy snacks to see you through those midafternoon slumps.