7 Healthy Porridge Recipes to Stave Off Hunger This Autumn

Today is World Porridge Day. Now, I'm not one to buy into all these national and international days, but I do like a bowl of hearty, healthy porridge so I'm giving in on this occasion.

I've trawled Pinterest to find 7 healthy porridge recipes well worth a try this autumn. Whether you want to go classic with a simple, traditional Scottish recipe or try something a little more experimental like zoats (made with courgette, otherwise known as zucchini hence the name) then keep scrolling. And since it's World Porridge Day, I've tracked down an Asian-inspired oats recipe and an Ayurvedic curried porridge called Kitchari (which apparently balances out all your doshas, or your physical and mental wellbeing to you and me). Healthy, indeed.

Keep reading for 7 healthy porridge recipes to try this autumn.