7 Foods That Give You Glowing Skin and a Flatter Stomach

If you've ever heard the phrase "second brain" being uttered, then you probably know that it's all about having a healthy gut diet. For many years now, thanks to various studies, there's been evidence suggesting the bacteria in your gut can affect your moods (hence the phrase "second brain"). Of course, looking after your gut and the flora that exist in there isn't just about how you feeling mentally. There's also a lot of people who deal with digestive problems, particularly women.

We spoke to nutritional therapist Henrietta Norton and The Happy Tummy Co. founder Karen Collins about what kind of foods will help you not just beat the bloat but also help your gut feel better. Before all that, however, we also asked both specialists about why great gut health is so important.

Norton revealed that having balance in your life is important, and the amount of sleep, exercise, and stress all play a massive part in how your gut behaves. She even said that usually, when her clients come to her with a digestive problem, it "quite often began with a stressful event. As our digestive system has its very own immune system and over 70% of the serotonin (the feel-good hormone) produced in the body is from the gut, then this is no wonder."

In addition, Collins offered some great overall advice about how to understand your gut better. "Everyone has a different gut bacteria profile. What's right for one person's gut bacteria populations will not necessarily be right for another's," which is sage advice, especially when just because a friend's probiotic worked for them doesn't mean it will for you.

But on to those specific foods that both experts advised on eating for better gut health… Keep scrolling for nine foods that you should be eating.

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