This Face Cream Is So Natural You Can Eat It

All-natural appears to be all the rage lately when it comes to beauty products, and with good reason. In recent years, we've gotten hip to the effects certain ingredients have on our health, and we pay closer attention to the science behind the products we choose to buy. There's a new standard in town, and if something is going on or in our bodies, we demand to know what all is involved —deodorants, sunscreen, nail polish, makeup, we're looking at you. But a face cream so natural you can literally eat it? Outside of coconut oil, we haven’t heard anything quite like this before.

That is until we met the founders of Plant, an Australian skincare line that creates a lean offering of made-to-order plant-based formulas. "All our formulas are food-grade and so natural you could eat them. Our biochemist makes sure of it," says co-founder Ekrem Mülayim.

That's certainly a nice perk, and it drives the point home of the line being made without harmful ingredients, but why in the world is edibility an important factor to consider in a face cream?

"We seriously believe that what we put on our skin must be safe enough to ingest. Not only because what we put on our skin is absorbed into our system, but also because what we eat is what makes our body, including our skin. So chemically speaking, edible ingredients are biocompatible to the skin. In that sense, it is a measure to make our products friendly to sensitive skin profiles by eliminating the risk of reactions to and discomfort from synthetic ingredients," Mülayim explains.

Plant claims its products are so good for sensitive skin, in fact, that beyond standard hydrating duties, ingredients like olive, grape-seed, sunflower, avocado and apricot-kernel oils; organic chamomile; and pure vitamin E reduce puffiness, even out skin tone, and calm otherwise-irritated complexions.

Mülayim's partner-in-crime, co-founder Tamara Gulic, explained how using natural ingredients predetermined the need for a made-to-order model. She shared, "Making products fresh to order enables us to use natural, organic ingredients rather than artificial, synthetic ones that are designed to sit on a shelf for a long time. And in that long, long time, if even mould and bacteria don’t want to consume that product, neither should you."

All Plant products are vegan; gluten-, chemical-, cruelty-, and palm-oil-free; and stored in environmentally friendly packaging. And while we're not sold on the need to eat our beauty products, it does make us feel good to know environmental and social responsibility are playing more significant roles in the beauty industry.

Is it important to you to use beauty products with all-natural ingredients? Let us know below!

Opening Image: ImaxTree